Bespoke interior design

Your interior space can be a reflection of your personality and style. Driven by this very aspect of design, Sania Penkar founded Studio Plum in 2019 with the purpose of delivering a design statement that suits each individual. We are dedicated to turning your design dreams into a reality!

Studio Plum currently operates from India. Due to our sound method of work, we accept 3D projects in interiors from any part of the world, making sure everything is communicated smoothly.


With services like Interior Consultation and realistic 3D visuals, we offer
solutions that clarify your ideas and needs and achieve perspective on how your interior space will turn out before execution.

Bespoke bedroom design


Motivated by her love for art and design, Sania Penkar took up Interior Design as her choice of career in 2014.

As it stands, it is important that you love what you do in order to be able to give your best. With an intensifying interest in conceptual design and art, Sania graduated from ITM Institute of Design and Media, Mumbai, as a University rank holder in B.A. [Interiors] in 2017. Studio Plum stands to be the brainchild of her unwavering passion for design and aesthetics, waiting to deliver the best to each client!

Bespoke living room interior design

Our scope of work includes: 

3D Visualization [Interior and Exterior]

Interior Consultation


Architectural and Interior Photography

Bespoke kitchen design

Whether you’re an Interior Designer/Architect, or an end-user looking to have your Interior space designed or visualized, you’re at the right place! Our services include Interior consultation and 3D visualization. We specialize in 3D visuals which help the client get a complete idea of how their space will turn out.  


At Studio Plum, we believe in quality work and client satisfaction above all. We pay due attention and dedicate adequate time for each process in order to ensure that the client’s expectations are met.


Our process consists of several stages including active coordination, design development, etc. Keeping our minds focused on the importance of each aspect of the design process as it unfolds, right from the planning stage to the final handover, we deliver our projects on time and to suit your budget.