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The Best Decorative Vases For Your Living Room

Exploring your options for the best decorative vase to put in your living room? Keep reading to find some of your best options online.

This pretty vase is made out of ceramic and finished in matte beige paint. Use it to contrast a darker shade in the room for a fool proof classy look!

The vase goes best in a Modern/Contemporary setting with its rather unusual, round, eccentric shape to make it really stand out as a decorative element in the room.

The vase is 8 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide with a small opening at the top perfect for some sleek floral inserts. Try it with some Rattan or dry flower sticks!

Check it out here:

This cast iron flower vase fits perfectly in a Modern/Contemporary or Traditional setting, adding a very vintage, antique look to your console/table top. The golden element adds a bit of bling to the room, giving an overall rich vibe.

The vase also comes with a slight texture pattern, adding that design element to it.

The vase is 15 cm tall and 15 cm wide. The package comes with a vase only, no flowers are included.

The vase is powder coated and hence rust free, adding good durability to it.

Check it out here:

This matte vase is ideal for minimalist settings. The cream/off white colors adds a very classy and minimal aesthetic. Make sure you use it in a minimal aesthetic for the best results!

The earthy tones would gel best with some subdued colors that go in the vase. Use a contrast of light and dark colors for the inserts for a great material palette.

The vase is 8.5 inches tall and 2.9 inches wide, an easy fit in a tight spot.

These are handmade vases, further enhancing that earthy look and giving it a slightly uneven, pot-like surface texture

It comes in various colors; white, black, blue and mint. Choose from among them to fit in your aesthetic, definitely one of the best decorative vases out there!

Check it out here:

This pretty ceramic vase comes in 3 sizes and many shades, but ginger is our favorite! The vase comes in a semi-matte finish (may look more matte in the image).

The piece is quite compact, with a vertical height of 10.4 inches and a diameter of 4 inches. Use it on a center table, console, side or dressing table and it does quite well!

Use some contrasting dry flower inserts for some great results; fresh flowers do great as well!

Check it out here:

This handmade flower vase by Craftghar takes root in the Khurja town (a.k.a the ceramic town) of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. A product of fine craftsmanship, it is made with Khurja pottery with a white ceramic base and painted gracefully with a variety of colors. Khurja is best known for it's ceramic products and it's people are known to fashion some of the best decorative vases you can get.

The vase is 20.3 cms tall and 7.6 cms in diameter and is available in blue, purple and a multicolored option.

Check it out here:


That's it for our picks for the best decorative vases you can find online. Hope it helped!

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