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What Are The Best Designer Floor Lamps Online?

Looking for the best designer floor lamps online? Here are the best options to help you illuminate your space in style.

This antique/industrial floor lamp comes with a tripod style wooden base and and a metallic top that mimics a brass finish. It is quite simple to assemble, with the product being shipped in two different parts; the wooden tripod and the metallic top that is joined together with a screw mechanism. No tools are required, you can easily screw it by hand.

At it's full height of 38 inches (3.1 ft), this lamp isn't very tall and goes best beside a sofa as an accent piece or beside a taller lamp in an industrial/contemporary setting.

Check it out here:

This elegant floor lamp comes in a light wooden finish with three shelves (2 shelves + base) to add your decor of choice! Standing 5.2 ft tall and 7.5 inches wide, this is a pretty compact floor lamp perfect for an urban home, weighing only 2.6kg. Simply stack it in a corner that feels lacking!

The lamp takes about 5 minutes to assemble, requires no tools and goes best in a modern/contemporary/Scandinavian setting.

Pro tip: Add a smart bulb with your choice of colors to add some great variation.

Check it out here:

This pretty, cylindrical lamp is made of a combination of bamboo and wood, and throws great patterns once you switch it on. This piece is the result of fine handicraft and comes with electrical fixtures. The lamp is 28 inches (2.3 ft) high and 6.5 inches (0.5 ft) in diameter, so it fits just about anywhere! Make sure you use a higher wattage bulb to bring out those light patterns. The bamboo used in the lamp is treated against termites as per CBTC guidelines.

Inspired by starnet bamboo fencing design, these nets are weaved by craftswomen and craftsmen in various village clusters spread across Assam.

Check it out here:

This lamp comes in an exquisite brass-gold finish and goes great in a modern setting. With it's strong metal base, a sturdy frame, and an on/off foot switch, this one's sure to give you a premium experience! The lamp comes with a heavy base to prevent wobbliness and to give it an overall sturdy feel.

This lamp stands at a good 5ft, and is 25 cm wide, ideal to place in any part of the house. The bulb is not included, but it does come with a high quality cotton flex lamp shade. Attached is a 3.5 metre cable for convenience.

This is a great piece for a corner and the golden frame is sure to catch the eye to add that bit of bling to the room. A beautiful lamp overall and a must buy.

Check it out here:

For all the fans of light, pastel colors, this lamp is sure to stand out with it's sleek yet minimal design with a pop color to add that texture, this one's a sure shot hit!

Designed and created by an Indian Architect, this lamp ranks high on product functionality and utility. Made out of extremely premium birch plywood, this lamp comes inclusive of a lightbulb and lampshade. You can choose between two primary lampshade colors; namely Royal Blue and Lily Red.

Standing at a height of 4.6ft and a width of 16 inches, the lamp also comes with shelves (see right) to add your décor items of choice. Make sure the décor compliments the other colors in your interior space!

Lastly, the lamp comes with 12 months exclusive replacement warranty from the seller, ensuring a great buyer's experience.

Check it out here:

This lamp comes with a cotton lampshade and a metallic frame equipped with two shelves on either side for some small décor pieces. A 9 watt LED bulb is recommended (not included) and a 2.5m cable is attached to the base.

At a height of 5ft and a width of 1.3 ft, this lamp comes in a wide variety of colors in both the lamp shade and frame. Another great option is in all black (see here) depending upon the color scheme in your space. It is easy to assemble and takes just a few minutes to put together.

Check it out here:


And that's it for our picks of the best designer floor lamps online. Hope it helped!

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