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Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Arm Chair Online

Confused as to which is the best arm chair online? Read on to find our plush picks of the lot. Happy sitting!

1. Sleepyhead RX5:

This plush recliner by Sleepyhead comes with a sturdy wooden base and multi-layered soft cushioning. Pull the lever to your favorite position and it's time to relax!

This chair fits best in a contemporary themed home, and comes in 3 different colors; Turkish Brown, Italian Grey and Belgian Beige.

This comfy piece will set you back Rs. 14,249, a small price to pay for inner peace!

Check it out here:

2. Traditional Rocking Chair

This traditional-contemporary rocking chair by Antique Wood Hub definitely has our hearts!

This chair has an extremely well padded back-rest and seat, that's bound to make you fall asleep after a long day. With a good quality teak-wood base, this one makes for a sturdy and durable rocking chair, and comes in more than 10 colors.

Comfy and aesthetic? A must buy for us!

Price: Rs. 15,000

Check it out here:

3. Foldable Recliner Chair

This budget-friendly recliner is extremely comfortable and comes with 6 adjustable positions and replaceable parts, and 2 years of unconditional warranty. Designed for maximum durability, its priced at just Rs. 4899! Certainly makes for some glowing reviews.

Pro tip: Use it in a patio, balcony or lawn.

Check it out here:


In our quest to pin the best arm chair online, This best seller by Ikea needs definite mention. POÄNG is quite commonly found and is vouched for by many (including ourselves). A simple and sleek design fit for a minimal aesthetic, and super comfortable!

This chair fits best in a Scandinavian/Minimal theme with light colors all around, although you can find variations of it on Ikea in different colors.

Price: Rs. 6690

Check it out here: poang/ikea

5. High Back Accent Chair

This high backed, plush lazy chair makes for a great accent chair in your living, or even a corner in the bedroom. It is thickly padded, and covered in suede fabric, adding some great texture which really complements that contemporary look!

It comes with an anti-rust steel frame and gives you a max load-bearing capacity of 440 lbs (200kg). This one makes for a great reading chair, and could very well be the best arm chair online!

Price: Rs. 36,173

Note: Requires self assembly and takes around 10 mins to put together.

Check it out here:

*Studio Plum Interiors is a design firm based out of Pune, Maharashtra specializing in Scandinavian and Contemporary themed interiors.

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