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Top 5 Best Wall Décor Pieces On Amazon

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Unsure of what to spice up your walls with? Keep on reading to find out what our picks were as the top 5 best wall décor pieces you can find on Amazon to really amp up your space!

1. Vintage Station Clock

This double sided clock comes with a 360° rotation and lets you place it at whatever angle you like! Add that to the fact that it makes you feel like you're at a tube station in Central London, it certainly makes our cut for top 5. Rated 4 stars on Amazon with over a 1000 reviews, this would make a great addition to your living room for a rustic/industrial look.

Price: Rs. 1694

Get your piece here:

2. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

This hanging shelf by Decazone is an Amazon's Choice product priced at - believe it or not - just Rs 299! A great choice for a Boho/Scandi enthusiast to bolster that minimal aesthetic. Rated a whopping 4.5 stars with some very happy users, don't think twice!

Not-so-pro tip: Add a plant to it!

Check it out here:

3. Triangular Macrame Shelf:

A slightly geometric version of the Macrame hanging shelves; this time in a pair of two, leave it to Decazone to give us another highly rated Amazon's Choice product.

Try this one out on a balcony, bathroom or bedroom wall! This trendy piece will set you back around Rs. 800.

Check it out here:

4. Wooden Wall Decor Set of 11:

This multicolour set of pinewood plates go great on an outdoor balcony wall, or even on a bedroom wall in a boho-cum-modern setting. Just peel off the film beneath and stick it right on the wall! Priced at Rs. 379, a rather inexpensive way to really spice up your wall.

Make sure you figure out the dimensions before you buy, images can be misleading!

Check it out here:

5. Artificial Hedge, Ivy Style:

This one is not just our favorite, but seems to be so for the larger part of the amazon community who have bought this product. This hanging garden goes great on any wall! Whether you're looking at an entrance feature wall, or wanna zen your balcony up, this product looks great in real life, cleans easy and expands as per the size of your wall!

Price: Rs. 1349

Tip: The lesser you expand it, the denser and richer it looks.

Check it out here:

*Studio Plum Interiors is a design firm based out of Pune, Maharashtra specializing in Scandinavian and Contemporary themed interiors.

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